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kiwi fruit drinks

Consumption of fruit drinks and beverages is increasing worldwide due to several factors and nowadays, they are very popular all around the world. Traditionally, extended shelf life and stability of fruit drinks/beverages has been achieved by thermal processing. Usually, fruit beverages would not need any preservative if properly thermally processed and packaged. However, some fruit drinks and beverages may contain certain amount of approved preservatives to attain an even more extended shelf life after opening. Synthetic preservatives such as benzoates and sorbates have been the most commonly utilized by the fruit beverage industry; although “naturally derived” preservatives have been recently suggested and in some cases included in fruit drinks due to consumers’ demand for “clean” labels and “more natural” beverages. The aim of this chapter is to provide relevant information regarding the properties and uses of novel and conventional preservatives for fruit drinks and beverages; preservatives’ sensory acceptability, legal status, and commercial availability will also be reviewed.

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